Salt Water Moon, a play on the porch and fundraiser for the AGN Gallery, July 29th, 2014



salt water moon map

Tickets: $20, available at:

  • Ganaraska Art and Framing, 93 WALTON STREET PORT HOPE, ONTARIO 905.885.1323
  • or contact Herb Jung @ 905.885.6328

WHEN: Tuesday, July 29, 2014; 6pm Art Exhibit; 7:30 Performance.  If it rains on this day, the performance will be held inside.

WHERE: Hosted by: Jenny and Will Ryan at Durham House: 4558 County Rd. 10, Canton

Bring your own lawn chair, picnic blanket.

Salt-Water Moon, by David French, is one of Canada’s most beloved and oft-performed plays. This July, the celebrated East Coast classic comes to a front porch near you. The production will be featured on six front porches across Ontario- a site-specific tour for local audience gathering to watch on the lawn.

The project was conceived by theater creator Michelle Langille, a native East Coaster:

“This play specifically has always struck a chord with me as I grew up in small towns on the East Coast, and the fears, concerns and dreams that Mary and Jacob have in this piece are so relatable.  Anyone who grew up in a rural community understands the difficulties of being isolated, the feeling that you have to go away to make something of yourself, that there must be something better than where you are, and the fear of being trapped by your history.


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