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salt water moon map

Tickets: $20, available at:

  • Ganaraska Art and Framing, 93 WALTON STREET PORT HOPE, ONTARIO 905.885.1323
  • or contact Herb Jung @ 905.885.6328

WHEN: Tuesday, July 29, 2014; 6pm Art Exhibit; 7:30 Performance.  If it rains on this day, the performance will be held inside.

WHERE: Hosted by: Jenny and Will Ryan at Durham House: 4558 County Rd. 10, Canton

Bring your own lawn chair, picnic blanket.

Salt-Water Moon, by David French, is one of Canada’s most beloved and oft-performed plays. This July, the celebrated East Coast classic comes to a front porch near you. The production will be featured on six front porches across Ontario- a site-specific tour for local audience gathering to watch on the lawn.

The project was conceived by theater creator Michelle Langille, a native East Coaster:

“This play specifically has always struck a chord with me as I grew up in small towns on the East Coast, and the fears, concerns and dreams that Mary and Jacob have in this piece are so relatable.  Anyone who grew up in a rural community understands the difficulties of being isolated, the feeling that you have to go away to make something of yourself, that there must be something better than where you are, and the fear of being trapped by your history.


Flowers in the Wood, Acrylic collage, 24X40, $1900

St. Francis, acrylic collage, 24X40, $1900

Bathed in Moonlight, acrylic collage, 24X40, $1900

Take Fresh Blooms: New work by Herb Jung

And add theatre…

Scenes from Trevi Fountain by Dave Carley. Inspired by Herb Jung’s painting. Starring Michael Connolly, Alex Dault, Karen Knox and Jenny Ryan.

WHERE: Women’s Art Association, 23 Prince Arthur Avenue, Toronto

Gallery Hours:  Friday May 25: 6-9pm; Saturday May 26: 1-9pm

PERFORMANCE Times: Friday, May 25: 7:30pm; Saturday, May 26: 2, 4, 7:30pm

*Free admission; donations happily accepted to defray production costs.

*Performance runs for approximately 30 minutes.

For info contact Herb Jung: herbpjung

The minute the artist attempts to imitate, capture, render every detail of the flower, he will lose what first inspired him: the spacious life and beauty of it. Too much attention to detail tends to confine vision, and imitation excludes individuality. The dictum “less is more” is especially true in painting flowers.

I’ve found that you have to see through the lens of feeling. Then and only then can you move beyond looking from the outside in—to a standpoint that proceeds from the innermost looking out: translating your world through the language of art, beauty, perfection, soul.

You begin to see the part in relation to the whole, and details serve rather than dominate the composition and vision. The height of inspiration is equal to the depth of feeling. This is my recipe for painting flowers.

To the artist the opposite of simplicity (beauty) is ego and fear. It is the ego that obsesses over detail; fear that drives us to second guess the innermost inspirations. Monet never let details overwhelm him, and would often measure the beauty of his paintings by comparing them to a rock. Perhaps , it was the same “rock” William James talked of:  laying in the field, it’s picked up  by a hiker but is largely ignored, whereas a “watch” which he has found in the same field is the object of  his praise  for its beauty, design and evidence of intelligence. Monet forever the pragmatist realized the superiority of nature.

At a certain point in painting, as in life, you may have to give up all your careful planning. You are pressed on all sides with confusing choices. What colour for the background? How do I proceed from here? At this juncture it’s best to be calm and listen.

Ask yourself “what is the concept, essence I want to express? What details are necessary? Then listen some more. Soon you will see what needs to be done: the painting will begin to emerge both in part and whole, and dictate its own direction.

Hang a painting on a wall and you’ll notice that it adds space, actual living space. Take that painting off the wall, and you feel its absence. To look at a painting is a “visual experience” that requires a deeper seeing and engagement: at its best, it prompts inner discernment, both thought and feeling.  Deep thinking results in the deepest of feelings. This in turn illumines and transforms our living space.








Exhibition: December 11-31 at Meet at 66 King St. Cobourg

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 11: 11-5

Debut reading of Trevi Fountain collaboration piece by

Canadian playwright Dave Carley: 3:30-4 pm











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Exhibition September 13-14, Saturday and Sunday 10am -5pm at the artist’s studio. 81 Pine St. S, Port Hope, Ontario, Canada.

Come celebrate Estival August 2-3 from 11-5 at the River’s Edge Presentation Centre in downtown Port Hope. View exclusive art by three local artists: Mary Kahn, Herb Jung, Cynthia Whatley.

Located: 1 Thompson Dr. across from Shopper’s Drug.